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Welcome to Manchester Hip Clinic

Established and headed by renowned hip surgery specialist Professor Max Fehily, Manchester Hip Clinic is the only centre in the region dedicated to physiotherapy and surgery of the hip.

At the heart of Professor Fehily’s philosophy is the belief that the finest care and treatment should be available to everyone with hip problems ─ whatever stage they are in life.

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Hip pain is most often associated with older people, including those who have had an earlier hip replacement which is now failing.

Yet active younger people often also suffer injury or premature ‘wear and tear’ problems that stop them enjoying their physical activity to the full. In other cases, illness (sometimes from childhood) can result in hip pain and mobility problems in adults.

The Manchester Hip Clinic is committed to helping all kinds of people with hip problems to be free from pain and often to resume near-normal levels of physical activity – even those who may have thought that such relief would never be possible.

Based at Spire Manchester hospital, Professor Fehily and his clinical team is closely supported by specialist physiotherapists and the hospital’s state-of-the-art medical diagnostics department.

Prof Fehily

If you’re ready to leave hip pain and stiffness behind, you’ll find all the information you need here

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Manchester Hip Clinic News



As patients who have had a hip replacement age, there is a decrease in the strength of their bones and an increase in the risk of fracture a...



As hip replacements age, the components will wear and the hip will lose its' initial soft-tissue tension. This combined with a general incre...


Hip Arthroscopy

This is an innovative procedure that allows access to the hip joint using minimally invasive surgical techniques. It has been carried out ep...


Hip Replacements

When a patient has severe arthritis and painkillers no longer effectively control the symptoms, hip joint replacement is advised. This has t...


Implant loosening

Implant loosening is the most common cause/indication for revision hip surgery. Hip replacements have been carried out in the UK regularly s...


Hip revision surgery

Revision hip surgery is carried out for a variety of reasons. These can include the original hip wearing out, the presence of deep infection...

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Spire Manchester Hospital,
Russell Road, Whalley Range,
Manchester. M16 8AJ
Tel: 0773 979 1305